How to create Ads :

It is very easy to create classified Ads ,  please follow steps  bellow:

1)     From main menu bar , click  “ Submit a new ad”   or click on “ Classifieds “ then click  “ Create new ad  “.

      Any of this two options to start, will  lead you to step 2 .

2) A new page  will appear  with title  “ Select A category” 

3) Select the suitable  category(for example:  For Rent)  , then click “continue” .

4) A new page  with a message on top “ You are not logged in” . If you  are  registered user on this site, you can login by

    entering you email(user name) , password and the verification code ,then press “Submit”.

    If you are not registered , you can register by clicking on the link provided, then continue  creating Ad. Or  you can create

    an Ad without registering, but it is recommended to register  for better features.

    Important note:

    Remember that registering is FREE  & posting a classified ad is FREE .Using real   contact address and phone number will

     enable others to contact you to buy or sell you service or product.

5)  Fill in the form  Create  A  New Classified Ad” (follow  steps 6-13).

6) Fill the title of you Ad(minimum 10 characters)

7) In the text editor below , write the long description of your Ad(ad text) .

    ( Note : You can write the text of your ad by using Office Word, then copy it and paste into  the text editor)

8) Fill in all required  fields of the form ( these fields are  marked with * ) .

9) From the Ad Type field select  “Offer”  if you offer in your Ad a product or service ,or choose ” wanted”  if you

        want to buy  a product or service.

        10) From the Categories list ,you will see the category you  selected in step 3 (For Rent) ”,then  select the suitable subcategory

      ( for example: Apartment).

                        11) From Areas list  click on “Jordan”   then select the city(for example: Amman) .

                        12) Optionally, you can upload  photos  or pictures  to be displayed in  your Ad .

                        13) Enter the verification code and press “Submit” to enter your form.

                        14) Finally you will see a message  about successfully  Ad creation,  or  in case of any  error, correct it and  submit again.

                        15) If you successfully created an Ad , the Ad will be immediately listed, you can see it  by clicking on “Classifieds”

                             from  the main menu  , then  click “ New listed “.